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Minimal Fabric Planter

Minimal Fabric Planter

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This Minimal Fabric Indoor Planter is the perfect addition to infuse your home with a touch of nature while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. Each planter is lovingly created with great attention to detail, ensuring a unique piece that stands out in any room.
This is made of 100% cotton canvas. The inner lining is made of natural burlap that helps the basket to keep its shape. The canvas is steady and thick, just to make sure that your basket seems nice and elegant. The fabric is printed by hand with original block prints. The continuous pattern seems to follow a beat giving your space a great, almost musical, vibe. Eclectic interiors are all about expressing yourself and your taste. There are no wrongs and rights here, so go on and combine different textures and patterns creating a beautiful and rich layered scheme.
The printed fabric is not waterproof and if placing a living plant inside I recommend using a pot and saucer.
This fabric basket could also be used for other purposes throughout the home and not limited to plants.
The item will arrive flat packed through the post and will require reshaping upon arrival (and maybe just a bit of ironing).
*Size* 15X15CM

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