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The Ink Job

"I Do What I Want" Wall Hanging

"I Do What I Want" Wall Hanging

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Hang this "I Do What I Want" embroidery hoop on your gallery wall and create the most contemporary wall decor. This beatiful hand printed hanging is stunning and it will add that special touch to any room. It is not loud but still makes a statement in its own way.

This minimal quote print is a great house warming gift. The thoughtful design of it is beautiful and timeless. The print is made with original linoprint. The fabric is a beautiful off-white canvas. The colors are vibrant and the simple design adds to the uniqueness of this wall accent.

The embroidery hoop is made of bamboo.

Perfect for wedding favors, place settings, or just to hang on your wall.

*Natural Bamboo Embroidery Hoop (14 cm diameter)
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